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Annamari R - Virtual Group Reading

HIGHLY RECOMMEND - Great Energy and Accurate Reading ​ Alex is the real deal. She tells you like it is, but is respectful not to share anything too personally related in the reading if/when the reading takes place in a group setting. Alex is spot on and able to give constructive feedback based on the reading. She has such great energy and even if you get a difficult card, she is able to make it positive and give insight on how to turn things around. She is also very good at seeing the best qualities in people and I can tell she has a gift for showing people what their gifts and talents are, even if they don’t realize it themselves. It’s truly an uplifting experience. Of course, everything is open to an individual’s interpretation. Personally, I feel very satisfied after having my reading done by Alex. She just KNOWS and offers a lot of confirmation of how I’ve been feeling and what I’m going through in life, etc., without me having to say anything. Thanks for your great energy Alex!! P.S. The tarot reading was done at an online/virtual event. Even though, we weren’t in person, the experience was powerful nonetheless. Superb! Annmari R. / 2-2021, Group Virtual Session

Caroline H - Virtual Corporate
Seattle, WA


Alex was fantastic! She created such a good feeling throughout the event that even those that didn't have a reading with her benefited from the good feelings at the event. I am looking for another event that I can use her talents!

Lesley S - Birthday Brunch

Stop! No need to research any further...just book Alex!!!

You will not be disappointed! Alex was professional, timely, energetic, precise, fun, comforting, accommodating, extremely talented, and tactfully honest with her readings! We hired Alex for a birthday brunch and even the sceptics of the group were blown away! We were simply blown away and will definitely utilize her again...even if it means flying her hundreds of miles away from the west coast to our state on the east coast. Alex thank you, thank you, thank you!

This was the second time we have booked Alex for one of our events. Last year it was in person, and this year it was virtual, and both times she has done an incredible job! Students who attended the event last year were very excited that she was back again this year and couldn't wait to get a reading from her again. Some students who got a reading from her for the first time this year were so pleased that they asked for her contact info. She did an incredible job adjusting to working our event virtually and do readings via Zoom. I would highly recommend using Alex for an in-person or virtual event. If we do this event again, we will definitely be bringing her back.

Samantha C.  LOS ANGELES, CA  / 10-9-2020

University Virtual Event

I truly don’t know what to say here because I was so enthralled with the reading I had today it was so amazing I stepped outside of my body. Alex was the most impressive person I have ever spoken to she doesn’t tell you what you want to hear so if you think about speaking to her and wanted to hear what you want to hear then this is not the reading for you. This is the type of reading that will actually tell you about yourself, will put you in tune with yourself and give you extreme insights into what it is you really need to know about you and what’s around you. It opens your mind to many possibilities your heart and just your being.  You’ll be so impressed with your reading you’re gonna want to talk to her forever. Know what you want, know what you need, know what you like but you would know more about yourself if you just open your head, your heart and your self to just listen.  You can ask questions but again like I said the questions you ask make sure that the questions and then the answers that you are willing to have her respond to.  Most psychics you speak to basically tell you what it is you want to hear "oh yeah he’s come in ...oh yeah you gonna gonna be a millionaire oh yeah you going to buy a new house... oh yeah I’m gonna get a new car..." this is not what she tells you about.  She tells you about make the decisions about what you want to do.  You make the decisions about where you’re going.  She just helps you along that line so if you want fulfillment, I tell you without a doubt, this is the person that you need to speak to. Don’t just take my word for it call her up.  We all have time, everything is timed, but with Alex there is no time, you can talk as much as you want. I have felt as though I have ran a marathon just talking to this lady's beautiful presence... what a grace!

Marisa - Virtual Life Reading / 07-31-2021

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