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SERVICES  - for bookings Local, National or International

Auntie Alex has extensive experience and qualifications in the following discplines:

Psychic / Spiritual / Tarot Readings


Auntie Alex offers Career, Love, and Positive Life options. Her readings guide you through all matters of life and she advises you on many of your personal concerns.  You can request she uses Tarot Cards as a visual aide and reinforcement of the personal knowledge she picks up from you. Or she can read you without cards connecting with your life condition still giving you choices on how to move into the future.

Groups, Couples, Family & Friends


Auntie Alex will give you insights to your family and friend dynamics. Sometimes she even gives you tools you can use to help each other to grow and be happier in life. Other times she'll have you rolling with laughter when she reveals the quirks that your pals are already VERY aware of.

Corporate, Influencer, Team Builder, & Fundraiser Events


Amazingly Auntie Alex can read for large groups of people at once, Live and Virtually, with accuracy and humor.

She relates visitors' life conditions, personalities, and relevant dynamics in discrete and entertaining ways with MORE than one visitor at a time. 

If you are looking for an event ICE BREAKER, her services are perfect for shared experiences and conversation starters. 

If you desire a Team or Leadership Building experience Auntie Alex can start with a Group reading, and then break into smaller or individual sessions for one-on-one experiences of enlightenment and guidance.



   Do You have a NATIONAL or INTERNATIONAL event you are coordinating?  I can take care of you.  I have used numerous VIRTUAL platforms and I am flexible when it comes to learning new ones.  

   I am registered with ENTERTAINERS WORLDWIDE.  Just click on the orange ball to the left  to explore the possibilities and book me OR feel free to contact me directly through my website here under the CONTACT tab above.   I look forward to hearing from you. 






Formally known as GIGMASTERS, this one of the booking sites my clients OFTEN hire me through this site.  As you can see below, I am proud to say I've done VERY well here since I joined them in June of 2017.  I have over 67 bookings from this site alone.  If you would like more information on how to hire me at THE BASH, please find the link under my CONTAC tab above. 

I look forward to serving you. 




is another one of my booking sites.  As you can see below, I have been with them since 2018 and served many satisfied clients.  If you would like more information on how to hire me at GIGSALAD, please reach out to me on my CONTACT tab above and we can discuss the opportunity.   I look forward to serving you. 

Alex Your Fortune Teller

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